The Mystery History of the Second World War

The Mystery History of the Second World War

The Mystery History of the Second World War – The second world war is a history that will never be forgotten and will always be history in the world. Since World War II ended in 1945, there has been a lot of chaos caused and its legacy is complicated, this world conflict is also still quite mysterious. The chaos of war also omitted many important records. So, although more than seven decades have passed since the end of World War II, there are actually many unanswered questions to this day. Some of these puzzles may never be solved. Here are some of the unsolved mysteries of World War II.

1. The Battle of Los Angeles is still a mystery to some to this day

The morning of February 25, 1942, was one of the most stressful times of war for the people of Los Angeles. Reported by History, it was then that military personnel and civilians were informed of the possibility of an air strike from Japan. Japanese troops had attacked Pearl Harbor a few months earlier.

Anti-aircraft guns began detonating around 3 a.m. in Santa Monica and soon across the region. Troops were ordered to fire when several people saw an object hovering in the sky. However, when the smoke dissipated, nothing was to be seen.

According to a report by The Los Angeles Times, five people died as a result of the Battle of Los Angeles, three from car accidents and two from heart attacks. Several buildings were damaged by artillery shells. So what happened?

The Secretary of the Navy thought that this event was a false alarm. Some witnesses swore that they saw enemy aircraft flying in the sky or perhaps saw weather balloons. Others have claimed that it was a flying saucer, though there is not a single solid proof.

2. Missing Lady Be Good’s plane

For years after it disappeared in 1943, no one knew where the B-24D Liberator known as Lady Be Good went. The plane and its nine crew were supposed to return to the Libyan airfield on April 5, 1943. However, they never made it to the airport and the entire crew is presumed missing, possibly in the Mediterranean Sea.

15 years later, some of the mysteries of Lady Be Good have been solved, although the exact details of the story are still a mystery. Workers at an engineering company look at the wreckage of a plane in May 1948 in the desert south of the airfield.

Evidence was later found in the 1960s, including human skeletons, indicating that the crew parachuted about 16 miles before the plane crashed. They likely got lost in the vast desert and the plane is thought to have run out of fuel.

According to Air Force Magazine, the surviving crew traveled north for hundreds of miles, as evidenced by the heartbreaking diary found with 2nd Lt. Robert F Toner. However, the exact cause is still unsolved to this day.

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3. What exactly were foo fighters in WWII?

World War II flight crews were faced with a problem with the tiny lights trailing the plane. Even experienced pilots will be nervous when faced with these lights, dubbed “foo fighters”. As History details, foo fighters were first reported by the Associated Press in 1945, although Allied flight crews had seen them the year before.

These balls of light usually follow the plane and then either peel off or just disappear after a few minutes. Several of them flashed and flew in formation to confirm that they were enemy weapons. However, there are no reports that the foo fighters ever attacked the aircraft or injured its passengers. They are not even detected on radar.

If this strange ball of light isn’t a German weapon, then what is? Some argue that the crew who saw this light were just hallucinating. The CIA conducted an investigation in 1953, but no answer could explain it.