Mystery Places in Surabaya

Mystery Places in Surabaya

Mystery Places in Surabaya – Every place must have a mystery that has been revealed or cannot be solved directly. As in Indonesia, more precisely in the city of Surabaya, there are still some places that still have unsolved mysteries. There are so many places that have a haunted impression in the Land of the Archipelago.

Almost all parts of Indonesia have places that are believed by the public to be haunted places. East Java is no exception.

Darmo Hospital

It is said that this hospital has been built since the Dutch colonial era in 1898. This hospital is one of the oldest in Surabaya. This hospital became a silent witness when the people of Surabaya fought against the allied forces. According to news circulating, there are frequent sightings of nurses with floating legs and several female ghost sightings behind the patient’s room window.

Kalifigur Prison

This prison is certainly popular with the people of Surabaya. The reason is, this prison is labeled as the scariest and cruelest prison in its time. It is said that many prisoners were tortured to death in unnatural conditions. In fact, the prisoners who are languishing behind bars in the Kalifigur prison seem to have no hope of living and can only resign themselves to waiting for their death.

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Peneleh Village Dutch Tomb

Peneleh village is a village that was built on a burial ground during the era of the Surabaya palace in the Majapahit era. That said, some residents often see the appearance of a grandfather and a woman dressed all in white appear and disappear mysteriously.

Darmo Haunted House

The story of the big house in Darmo housing is very popular in Indonesia. Starting from the pesugihan performed by the owner of the house to the tragedy of the accident that caused the owner of the house to die. It is said that the accident was caused because the owner of the house was reluctant to give sacrifices to supernatural beings who helped him in pesugihan. Because of its popularity, now Darmo’s haunted house is often visited by people just to test their guts.

Jagir Wonokromo Sluice Gate

The myth about the appearance of a white crocodile at this floodgate makes it one of the most haunted places in Surabaya. It is said that there are frequent incidents of people drowning at the Jagir Wonokromo floodgate. The incident is often associated with the public with the figure of a white crocodile who often appears himself. And there are many more mystical stories that surround this place.…