Recognize the Signs of Impostor Syndrome

Recognize the Signs of Impostor Syndrome

Recognize the Signs of Impostor Syndrome – Mental health currently brings pros and cons from many people, even though in fact mental health is one of the personal health that needs to be considered.

Impostor syndrome is a term for social behavior that makes a person feel that he is cheating. He felt that his accomplishments now were something he didn’t deserve. According to him, what has been obtained is only because of luck.
This impostor syndrome can be experienced by anyone regardless of their background, social status, skill level, or skill level. The term impostor syndrome itself comes from a scientific journal written by psychologists Suzanna Imes and Pauline Rose Clance in 1978. At first, impostor syndrome research was carried out for mostly high-achieving women.

1. Avoid if there are additional tasks

When experiencing impostor syndrome, a person chooses to avoid the additional tasks assigned to him. He was afraid that later he could distract from the main task. It’s actually a good thing because he is a focused person.
But there are times when a person will take on additional duties or overtime at least once in his life under certain conditions. Unfortunately, this is really not what people with this syndrome want to do.

2. Fear if other people expect more from him

People with impostor syndrome are afraid that their coworkers will ask for more from them. He was worried that later he would not be able to meet the expectations of those who expected him.
In the end, this fear made him hold back and avoid any deep promotions in his chosen field. Of course, if you are in fear for too long, your work performance will also be disrupted.

3. Doubt yourself

Success actually makes people who experience this syndrome feel doubtful about themselves. Even when they are in important positions, they do not believe in their success.
So instead of feeling happy that he was able to succeed at such a high position, he was really worried that someone else would find out the “truth” about his abilities. In fact, after investigating, actually the position he got was because of his ability, you know.

4. Feel insecure if you can do better

If anyone tries hard to reach the highest position, those with impostor syndrome choose to stay where they are now. That’s because he’s afraid of failure or afraid of having extra responsibilities.
The results of a 2014 study showed that people with this syndrome tend to choose to stay in their positions because they believe they can’t do anything better. In a way, he likes to underestimate his own abilities.

5. Feeling successful only because of connections

Connections are a great way to seize new opportunities, be it personal or work goals. Unfortunately, people with impostor syndrome always feel that the help they get through connections can detract from their accomplishments. He thinks if there is no connection with other people, then he is nothing. Studying and working extra hard that he does never count.
Mystery Places in Surabaya

Mystery Places in Surabaya

Mystery Places in Surabaya – Every place must have a mystery that has been revealed or cannot be solved directly. As in Indonesia, more precisely in the city of Surabaya, there are still some places that still have unsolved mysteries. There are so many places that have a haunted impression in the Land of the Archipelago.

Almost all parts of Indonesia have places that are believed by the public to be haunted places. East Java is no exception.

Darmo Hospital

It is said that this hospital has been built since the Dutch colonial era in 1898. This hospital is one of the oldest in Surabaya. This hospital became a silent witness when the people of Surabaya fought against the allied forces. According to news circulating, there are frequent sightings of nurses with floating legs and several female ghost sightings behind the patient’s room window.

Kalifigur Prison

This prison is certainly popular with the people of Surabaya. The reason is, this prison is labeled as the scariest and cruelest prison in its time. It is said that many prisoners were tortured to death in unnatural conditions. In fact, the prisoners who are languishing behind bars in the Kalifigur prison seem to have no hope of living and can only resign themselves to waiting for their death.

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Peneleh Village Dutch Tomb

Peneleh village is a village that was built on a burial ground during the era of the Surabaya palace in the Majapahit era. That said, some residents often see the appearance of a grandfather and a woman dressed all in white appear and disappear mysteriously.

Darmo Haunted House

The story of the big house in Darmo housing is very popular in Indonesia. Starting from the pesugihan performed by the owner of the house to the tragedy of the accident that caused the owner of the house to die. It is said that the accident was caused because the owner of the house was reluctant to give sacrifices to supernatural beings who helped him in pesugihan. Because of its popularity, now Darmo’s haunted house is often visited by people just to test their guts.

Jagir Wonokromo Sluice Gate

The myth about the appearance of a white crocodile at this floodgate makes it one of the most haunted places in Surabaya. It is said that there are frequent incidents of people drowning at the Jagir Wonokromo floodgate. The incident is often associated with the public with the figure of a white crocodile who often appears himself. And there are many more mystical stories that surround this place.…

Recommended Games on Online Sportsbook Gambling Sites

Recommended Games on Online Sportsbook Gambling Sites

Recommended Games on Online Sportsbook Gambling Sites – For those of you who want to try playing online betting on an online gambling site, we recommend various games that you need to try.

The advantages of playing soccer gambling on this most trusted website can be felt because there are final results which can play a role in selecting the best team estimate. Everything that is needed when playing online soccer gambling will be on the trusted and best website. Playing soccer gambling can’t just choose a site if you don’t want to jump into a fake website, which can make some players lose.

The most trusted sites can also provide attractive game promotions to follow so that players have a great opportunity to win bets when playing online soccer gambling, along with well-known providers who can give you excellent opportunities and playing experience at the sbobet88 trusted agents.

Virtual Sports

This Virtual Sport provides a variety of sports sector gambling options which are not much different from other providers. A bet will be placed to predict a win in a particular sporting event. If the more advantaged team wins in the game then the player will get a speculative win, and vice versa.


SABA is one of the providers that provides sports gambling. Here you will find attractive services regarding the most diverse game options. Even though it is in the sports sector, this SABA provides a lot of soccer gambling. So those who are most focused on soccer betting can use this provider with attractive playing offers.


Online soccer gambling sportsbooks are no stranger to some online gamblers, these providers are very, very well known. So many lovers. Sportsbook gambling also provides a variety of betting speculations in the sports section, which provides soccer, badminton, basketball and many other betting. The leagues prepared by Sportbook are many and varied, it is not surprising that one of these providers is more famous than the others.

The advantages of playing in trusted online soccer gambling

Playing at a reputed provider will give you some interesting tools, such as the following benefits which are too dear to pass up.

Get Final Score Results

The results of the final score of online soccer gambling on the most trusted website where to play this will help players to get the right estimate. The final score can be used as a basis for determining which team is stronger against the other team. Thus you can play more confidently to determine who the best team is through the estimated final score.

Game Summary

The summary of the matches that are already on this website are almost the same as the final score results. The difference is that this summary usually contains a one-week calculation, and the final score results only at that time. This summary is used to make it easier for players to determine the best team from a match.…

The Mystery History of the Second World War

The Mystery History of the Second World War

The Mystery History of the Second World War – The second world war is a history that will never be forgotten and will always be history in the world. Since World War II ended in 1945, there has been a lot of chaos caused and its legacy is complicated, this world conflict is also still quite mysterious. The chaos of war also omitted many important records. So, although more than seven decades have passed since the end of World War II, there are actually many unanswered questions to this day. Some of these puzzles may never be solved. Here are some of the unsolved mysteries of World War II.

1. The Battle of Los Angeles is still a mystery to some to this day

The morning of February 25, 1942, was one of the most stressful times of war for the people of Los Angeles. Reported by History, it was then that military personnel and civilians were informed of the possibility of an air strike from Japan. Japanese troops had attacked Pearl Harbor a few months earlier.

Anti-aircraft guns began detonating around 3 a.m. in Santa Monica and soon across the region. Troops were ordered to fire when several people saw an object hovering in the sky. However, when the smoke dissipated, nothing was to be seen.

According to a report by The Los Angeles Times, five people died as a result of the Battle of Los Angeles, three from car accidents and two from heart attacks. Several buildings were damaged by artillery shells. So what happened?

The Secretary of the Navy thought that this event was a false alarm. Some witnesses swore that they saw enemy aircraft flying in the sky or perhaps saw weather balloons. Others have claimed that it was a flying saucer, though there is not a single solid proof.

2. Missing Lady Be Good’s plane

For years after it disappeared in 1943, no one knew where the B-24D Liberator known as Lady Be Good went. The plane and its nine crew were supposed to return to the Libyan airfield on April 5, 1943. However, they never made it to the airport and the entire crew is presumed missing, possibly in the Mediterranean Sea.

15 years later, some of the mysteries of Lady Be Good have been solved, although the exact details of the story are still a mystery. Workers at an engineering company look at the wreckage of a plane in May 1948 in the desert south of the airfield.

Evidence was later found in the 1960s, including human skeletons, indicating that the crew parachuted about 16 miles before the plane crashed. They likely got lost in the vast desert and the plane is thought to have run out of fuel.

According to Air Force Magazine, the surviving crew traveled north for hundreds of miles, as evidenced by the heartbreaking diary found with 2nd Lt. Robert F Toner. However, the exact cause is still unsolved to this day.

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3. What exactly were foo fighters in WWII?

World War II flight crews were faced with a problem with the tiny lights trailing the plane. Even experienced pilots will be nervous when faced with these lights, dubbed “foo fighters”. As History details, foo fighters were first reported by the Associated Press in 1945, although Allied flight crews had seen them the year before.

These balls of light usually follow the plane and then either peel off or just disappear after a few minutes. Several of them flashed and flew in formation to confirm that they were enemy weapons. However, there are no reports that the foo fighters ever attacked the aircraft or injured its passengers. They are not even detected on radar.

If this strange ball of light isn’t a German weapon, then what is? Some argue that the crew who saw this light were just hallucinating. The CIA conducted an investigation in 1953, but no answer could explain it.…

How to Hack Machines in Online Slot Gambling Games

How to Hack Machines in Online Slot Gambling Games

How to Hack Machines in Online Slot Gambling Games – au explain How to Hack Online Slot Machines so that slot players or Indonesian slot lovers get continuous profits?

Here we will tell you how to hack games with casino slot games bookies. This trick can make you addicted because you win continuously in real money online jackpot machine bets with a small capital and minimum bet.

How to Hack Machines in Online Slot Gambling Games

• Ready to choose machine

The first tip is that you need to be smarter when choosing an online pragmatic slot machine that offers a lot of prizes. If you have the ability to play games by chance, you should do your best because as a member of online games you have to play for real money.

• Trying to hit the jackpot

If you don’t put in a lot of effort, the real money you bet disappears immediately. Therefore, if you play online slot machine games, you must try hard to win the grand prize. As a member who runs online gambling games, you should always try to win the jackpot.
You should know that by winning the jackpot while playing online slots you can increase your winnings by doubling. That’s why you have to be able to play smart. From the start, you should try to find a bigger price, so that you have a chance to win several times in a short period of time.

• Implement a good game plan

If you have a certain precision and style of play, this will help you have more chances to win. Don’t miss a single opportunity by playing games on online slot machines. Another important thing to remember when playing online slot machine games is not to rely too much on luck. Some members may still not know whether it is better to play with safe or risky behavior. When playing for the first time, it is recommended to play with safe playing habits, but if you are good enough and have experience, it is worth taking risks that can bring you more happiness in general.

A gamer who is familiar with the game, especially when playing online, shouldn’t be too strange when it comes to listening to online games of chance and money. In short, being able to exchange online gambling games is not much different from other online games, because the first thing to do is to become a member of an online gambling agent, in this case, of course, in one place for sure. and comfortable.…

Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams

Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams

Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams – Usually when we are sleeping we will definitely dream and usually in dreaming we have facts stored in it. Dreams are sleep flowers that often occur when we are tired in carrying out daily activities. The following are facts about the mystery of dreams

1. Speculation of experts based on research methodology about dreams

Several theories attempt to answer the question of why humans experience a dreaming phase in their deep sleep. The possible answers vary widely, including:

Dreams represent unconscious personal desires
Is a way of interpreting random signals from the brain during sleep
Relating to the aggregation and processing of information from daily activities
Can be used as a form of psychotherapy

2. The phase of sleep that causes dreams

There are five phases in the sleep cycle which include: Phase 1: characterized by light sleep, slow eye movements, and reduced muscle activity. The first phase makes up about 4 to 5 percent of the total sleep time.
Phase 2: eye movements stop, brain waves become slower, occasionally sleep spindles or fast waves appear. The second phase makes up about 45 to 55 percent of the total sleep time.
Phase 3: in this phase a person enters delta waves or very slow waves. It is estimated that 4 to 6 percent of the total sleep time is formed in the third phase.

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3. Dreams are experiences that involve sensory, cognitive, and emotional awareness during sleep

Talking about dreams, there are two approaches (neuroscientific and psychoanalytic) that significantly explain the comprehensive analysis of dreams.

The neuroscientific approach focuses on how to produce and organize dreams, while the psychoanalytic approach tends to the meaning of dreams and places them in the context of the historical relationship of the individual concerned.

According to a 2011 report in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, dreams are full of emotional life experiences containing themes, concerns, characters, and objects that are closely related to real life. Those elements help to create a new reality from a seemingly non-existent one to an experience with real time frames and connections.

4. Types of dreams

There are several types of dreams that can be experienced, including:

Nightmares: cause the dreamer to feel disturbing emotions such as anxiety and fear.
Lucid dreams: people who experience them tend to be aware that they are dreaming and have control over the dream.
Dream lag: defined as the experience, image, or appearance of another person in a dream that the dreamer has experienced in the real world.
Interpretation: occurs when the dreamer dreams of elements of daily life such as school activities, work, or doing certain hobbies.…

The Best Types of Bonuses in Online Slot Gambling

The Best Types of Bonuses in Online Slot Gambling

The Best Types of Bonuses in Online Slot Gambling – The bonuses contained in online slot gambling games are indeed diverse, each site that provides online slot gambling games certainly provides different bonuses.
Since appearing more than two centuries ago, slot machines have continued to grow and are in line with the increase in fans, one of which is this type of casino game. It is not strange that many bettors are lazy to choose other casino games because they are okay to choose slot machines as their luck in the game. This is because the slot itself is a game that is included in the easy group and there are various types of bonuses, it is enough just to know the character of the slot machine and the percentage of return to player, beginners can also enjoy this game.
It is not surprising that in a number of casino houses, such as in Cambodia, the United States and China, slot machine games are very popular. Along with the growing era and the digitization of all factors of life, slot games have also changed with the appearance of slots games. When compared to playing slots on-field (arriving directly to the place of betting games) by playing online, there will be a plus and minus of the two.
In terms of bonuses, there is also a difference between playing mega88 slots online and online, the bonus itself is one of the things that slot players are looking for. If you play onfield, it means that you have to come directly to the place or venue where the game is taking place.
The Best Types of Bonuses in Online Slot Gambling
The bonuses that are given if you play onfield yourself also vary from overnight packages at exclusive hotels to dinner packages, but all of them have to come with some terms and conditions that definitely require quite a lot of funds. In contrast to if we play slots through the Android application, then there will be a bonus sound for those who get it, we don’t have to spend a lot of money. Below are the slot bonuses

Several Types of Bonuses In Slot Games

Deposit Bonus

This bonus is a bonus given by the game service provider if you register and deposit a certain amount. The amount of this deposit bonus is also quite diverse, starting from around 20% to up to 2x that amount. The amount of the Deposit Bonus really depends on the terms and conditions applied by the game supplier, in this case, it is definitely the slot game dealer. Many slot websites are currently competing to give bonuses to new members and this is done to get as many members as possible.

No Deposit Bonus

Different from the type above, this bonus is given to members without the need to deposit first. But it is certain that the game supplier will provide terms and conditions that members who want to get this bonus need to comply with.

Free Spins

Free Spins or free spins are bonuses that are often sought after by credit deposit slot players because with Free Spins a player can win slots without having to pay for spins in several spins. But again, we warn you that if the free spins bonus has terms and conditions that run, generally the terms and conditions that run are given before you withdraw the profits you get after doing the free spins.

Optimize Bonuses To Get Profits In Slot Games

The number of bonuses that you can get in slot games is your key in achieving some benefits through slot games. When compared to onfield slot games, slots are definitely more efficient and concise and in terms of bonuses easier to achieve, especially for members who are playing slots for the first time.
Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World – In this world there are many types of animals that live. There are many species that we don’t know about. In the world of fauna, it is not uncommon for mysterious things to happen. Here are some unique and mysterious things in the fauna world that have been completed

1. The mystery of howling in dogs

In wolves, howling serves as a form of communication to other groups of wolves. They will provide information related to circumstances, prey, group conditions, and so on to other groups of wolves whose positions are far apart. However, why do dogs also howl? Is it true that dogs communicate by howling?

This does not necessarily prove that wolves are the ancestors of dogs. On the other hand, recent studies and research have proven that wolves are not the ancestors of dogs. Their evolutionary paths separated hundreds of thousands of years ago and they (the canidae group) are predicted to have a common ancestor.

2. Why do cats hiss?

In ancient times, people may have believed that the hissing of cats was related to the supernatural. However, scientists and zoologists have found a scientific answer to cat hissing. Both domestic cats and forest cats can indeed hiss at certain moments. So, why did they do it?

Paw Tracks on its website explains that based on studies and research conducted by scientists and animal experts, cats hissing as a sign of many things. Hissing is an innate behavior or instinct passed down from cat ancestors, including lions, tigers, bobcats, to domestic cats.

The reason they hiss generally leads to a warning to cats or other animals in the vicinity. Hissing can also indicate that the cat is in pain and fear. In the usual case, a female mother cat will hiss at anyone who approaches her kittens.

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3. Elephant with empathy

Elephants are animals with a very high level of empathy. In fact, in many cases, they can be very sad if a member of their group dies. It took scientists a long time to understand feelings in elephants. The reason is, so far animals may only be considered as organisms that have difficulty feeling empathy.

Reported in World Animal Protection, elephants are one of the species on Earth that can feel empathy, sadness, joy, and other feelings that are difficult to describe. This proves that feelings and emotions in elephants are very complex, complicated, and alive. Social animals do have a higher sense of empathy, wolves are also one of them.

Their attachment to their social group will form an emotional bond as part of the evolution of organismal behavior. If they had not developed these traits, natural selection would have easily eliminated their populations in the wild.…

Playing with Low Bet in Online Togel Gambling

Playing with Low Bet in Online Togel Gambling

Playing with Low Bet in Online Togel Gambling – At this time, the lottery gambling game has been growing with the various types of bets it provides.

Developments in online lottery gambling games make anyone able to make lottery bets online. Therefore, it is not surprising that lottery gambling games provide various types of bets and also other options so that lottery gambling games are not boring and not monotonous so that lottery gambling players can choose various types of bets freely.

Playing with Low Bet in Online Togel Gambling

How to Play Togel Online at Bet 500 Togel Agent

There are many online lottery gambling agents currently available and circulating on the internet which of course will automatically be easy for us to find and join in it. Of course, in choosing a lottery agent, one must also be trusted and guarantee all our needs when playing online lottery gambling games in it. Every lottery gambling agent that exists certainly brings a lot of innovations that it provides. One of the things that many online lottery gambling players look for is a betting pair that suits the abilities of the players. With many betting options in this one dingdong 12d gambling game, of course, every person or player can freely choose every type of bet they want and also adjust to the amount of capital they have.
One of the favorites in the choice of online lottery gambling in terms of placing a bet is the lottery bet 500, which means that in doing this online lottery gambling game at a special lottery bet 500 agent and we only need to place or place bets by only using or issuing betting capital. as much as 500 rupiah. But actually there are two categories in the term bet 500, meaning that we can bet with a capital of 500 rupiah or with 500 silver. That way, we can place bets in lottery gambling games more easily by a gambling agent who applies rules and conditions in terms of betting.
There are many trusted bet 500 lottery agents currently that provide a minimum bet of 500 rupiah that can be made by every player or online lottery gambling bettor with more convenience. Of course, what we have to remember is that we still have to join and make bets at a 500 bet lottery agent or one that provides a 500 bet which is of course the best and most trusted. Actually, with the choice of betting in the lottery game provided by a trusted 500 bet lottery agent, it certainly makes it easy to play lottery bets, especially for online lottery players who want to play or make bets but by having a sufficient amount of capital and not so large a nominal amount. Therefore, even with only a small stake, we don’t need to worry, because we can still get every profit and prize in the game and can run games or bets easily and comfortably.

Can Do Via Smartphone

We can take a simple and easy example of making lottery bets, namely by using a smartphone. In making the initial step of betting the lottery at this bet 500 lottery agent, the first thing we have to do is choose the main menu option, and there will later be several choices of online lottery betting markets, including the Hong Kong lottery, Sydney lottery and also the Singapore lottery which we can determine the game. inside it. With several choices of lottery type bets, we also have to choose and also determine which type of bet we will choose such as 2D, 3D or 4D lottery types and in this case, special numbers or special numbers that we have in 2D, 3D and also 4D and in entering in that column on this lottery bet agent, it can be mixed or combined with each other and in it does not have to be sequential according to value or number from large to small or vice versa in betting. after that, we place bets according to the rules of the game at the agent, such as the lottery betting agent or a bet of 500 rupiah which is quite easy for us to do.

Making a Bet According to the Placement of the Bet

The next guide about making bets or bets in this category is that we can adjust and see bets and also some of the pair numbers available in it. Then the balance will automatically change. And only by making bets of this kind, then we can make bets according to the bets that we place. And later we will be able to make deposits and withdrawals as must be done in online lottery gambling games as they should.
Tips to Get Money Quickly by Playing Online Poker

Tips to Get Money Quickly by Playing Online Poker

Tips to Get Money Quickly by Playing Online Poker – When you start playing online gambling games you are required to make a deposit first, but by following some of our tricks you will get money many times over from your deposit.

The more exciting a game or game is played, the chance to get addicted to the game will certainly be greater too right? This certainly can happen to anyone who has fallen into a game, especially the game being played is an online gambling game like poker online. Not a few people are addicted to this type of gambling game, why did it happen? Because in this gambling game, you can get a lot of advantages plus more when you successfully win the match, then the profit will be obtained many times over from Bandar Poker or Poker Agent who provides online Poker Gambling games today.
As we said before that by playing this gamble, it can happen that the name is addictive and it will certainly be very detrimental to you as a player. But with the article made then you don’t need to be afraid anymore because we will provide several solutions to be able to recover from this addiction.
Tips to Get Money Quickly by Playing Online Poker

Solution to Overcome Addictions to Playing Poker Online

To overcome an addiction problem is actually not so complicated because all you need to do is just a few things and the most Agen Poker dan Bandar Poker important thing is the intention to stop. Here are some solutions to overcome addictions in online poker:

♦ Avoiding Gambling Areas

Of course if you want to overcome your addiction to online poker, the first thing to do is to avoid an environment where there are many gambling activities. Maybe gambling that is played in that environment is conventional gambling, but it still can attract your desire to return to playing poker online at this time. So, we recommend that you just avoid the gambling environment because once you enter the environment, you will experience difficulty to get out again.

♦ Play Other Games Besides Online Gambling Games or Games

On the internet there are certainly many types of online games that you can play, well with this, you can choose to play the game, but remember not to choose the game or online gambling game again as a game to be played. Choose another game that is much more fun than this gambling game.

♦ Looking For A Hobby Or Positive Activity

If you are struggling to do both of the above, then this third method might help you get rid of your addiction to online gambling. This method is to look for hobbies or other positive activities, for example, like exercising, cooking, gardening or anything else that can be done easily around your environment.

♦ Visiting a Psychiatrist

If all the above methods still can not eliminate the addiction that is owned, then you can try this last way, namely by visiting a psychiatrist. Of course, by doing this, the addiction experienced will be easily treated.
With this solution, then the opiate that you experience with this online poker gambling game will be easily eliminated and can go through the days as usual again like an ordinary person of course, therefore at this time you can get an Online Poker Promotion that has been provided by bookie online if you still want to play gambling on bookie.