Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams

Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams

Unique Facts of the Mystery of Dreams – Usually when we are sleeping we will definitely dream and usually in dreaming we have facts stored in it. Dreams are sleep flowers that often occur when we are tired in carrying out daily activities. The following are facts about the mystery of dreams

1. Speculation of experts based on research methodology about dreams

Several theories attempt to answer the question of why humans experience a dreaming phase in their deep sleep. The possible answers vary widely, including:

Dreams represent unconscious personal desires
Is a way of interpreting random signals from the brain during sleep
Relating to the aggregation and processing of information from daily activities
Can be used as a form of psychotherapy

2. The phase of sleep that causes dreams

There are five phases in the sleep cycle which include: Phase 1: characterized by light sleep, slow eye movements, and reduced muscle activity. The first phase makes up about 4 to 5 percent of the total sleep time.
Phase 2: eye movements stop, brain waves become slower, occasionally sleep spindles or fast waves appear. The second phase makes up about 45 to 55 percent of the total sleep time.
Phase 3: in this phase a person enters delta waves or very slow waves. It is estimated that 4 to 6 percent of the total sleep time is formed in the third phase.

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3. Dreams are experiences that involve sensory, cognitive, and emotional awareness during sleep

Talking about dreams, there are two approaches (neuroscientific and psychoanalytic) that significantly explain the comprehensive analysis of dreams.

The neuroscientific approach focuses on how to produce and organize dreams, while the psychoanalytic approach tends to the meaning of dreams and places them in the context of the historical relationship of the individual concerned.

According to a 2011 report in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, dreams are full of emotional life experiences containing themes, concerns, characters, and objects that are closely related to real life. Those elements help to create a new reality from a seemingly non-existent one to an experience with real time frames and connections.

4. Types of dreams

There are several types of dreams that can be experienced, including:

Nightmares: cause the dreamer to feel disturbing emotions such as anxiety and fear.
Lucid dreams: people who experience them tend to be aware that they are dreaming and have control over the dream.
Dream lag: defined as the experience, image, or appearance of another person in a dream that the dreamer has experienced in the real world.
Interpretation: occurs when the dreamer dreams of elements of daily life such as school activities, work, or doing certain hobbies.…

Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World – In this world there are many types of animals that live. There are many species that we don’t know about. In the world of fauna, it is not uncommon for mysterious things to happen. Here are some unique and mysterious things in the fauna world that have been completed

1. The mystery of howling in dogs

In wolves, howling serves as a form of communication to other groups of wolves. They will provide information related to circumstances, prey, group conditions, and so on to other groups of wolves whose positions are far apart. However, why do dogs also howl? Is it true that dogs communicate by howling?

This does not necessarily prove that wolves are the ancestors of dogs. On the other hand, recent studies and research have proven that wolves are not the ancestors of dogs. Their evolutionary paths separated hundreds of thousands of years ago and they (the canidae group) are predicted to have a common ancestor.

2. Why do cats hiss?

In ancient times, people may have believed that the hissing of cats was related to the supernatural. However, scientists and zoologists have found a scientific answer to cat hissing. Both domestic cats and forest cats can indeed hiss at certain moments. So, why did they do it?

Paw Tracks on its website explains that based on studies and research conducted by scientists and animal experts, cats hissing as a sign of many things. Hissing is an innate behavior or instinct passed down from cat ancestors, including lions, tigers, bobcats, to domestic cats.

The reason they hiss generally leads to a warning to cats or other animals in the vicinity. Hissing can also indicate that the cat is in pain and fear. In the usual case, a female mother cat will hiss at anyone who approaches her kittens.

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3. Elephant with empathy

Elephants are animals with a very high level of empathy. In fact, in many cases, they can be very sad if a member of their group dies. It took scientists a long time to understand feelings in elephants. The reason is, so far animals may only be considered as organisms that have difficulty feeling empathy.

Reported in World Animal Protection, elephants are one of the species on Earth that can feel empathy, sadness, joy, and other feelings that are difficult to describe. This proves that feelings and emotions in elephants are very complex, complicated, and alive. Social animals do have a higher sense of empathy, wolves are also one of them.

Their attachment to their social group will form an emotional bond as part of the evolution of organismal behavior. If they had not developed these traits, natural selection would have easily eliminated their populations in the wild.…

Musical Instrument Mystery Case

Musical Instrument Mystery Case

Musical Instrument Mystery Case – Playing music is certainly one of the hobbies that are very much liked, these musicians often give their lives for the world of music with all the consequences they receive.

Playing music is one way to live. By expressing experiences and feelings, a person can divert feelings of depression or other mental stress through the sound created and eliminate the desire to end his life. But did you know that music can also kill?

1. Elizabeth Jackson, killed by the flute

On March 25, 1751, David Mills and his servant, Elizabeth Jackson, had a violent argument over an issue. This triggers the start of physical violence in which Elizabeth throws candles at David.
But David was able to avoid it and hit Elizabeth back with a punch to her left temple using the flute that David played. Elizabeth lived for four hours with a concussion and was unable to speak due to it, but was decided to end her life by draining her blood.

2. Louis Vierne, exhausted playing the organ

In order to get the title as the king of the instrument, Louis tried to play the organ which at that time demanded high endurance because of playing for a long time. In this struggle, the 67-year-old man suddenly collapsed after playing the last chord and died. Louis is thought to have died of a heart attack due to exhaustion.

3. James “Jimmy The Beard” Ferrozzo, died of a piano hit

Falling pianos are a common joke on old cartoons that are funny and make laughs. But when it came to the real world, it didn’t seem like the tragedy was funny anymore. As happened to James Ferrozzo.
His body was found under a piano that had fallen from the ceiling, along with a stripper trapped and screaming for help with him. It was said that the piano was actually used for a show and when it was about to start, suddenly the drop lever lit up and dropped the piano.

4. Linos, killed by the lute

Linos is a character of Greek mythology, the music teacher of Heracles or Hercules. As told by the historian Diodorus Siculus, Hercules killed Linos using a lute, because Linos could not appreciate Hercules’ hard work learning a musical instrument and was furious because of it.

5. Charles Ratherbee, got lung disease because of playing the trumpet

In 1845, Charles, who was a trumpet player, had a fight with Joseph Harvey over a gardening problem. The confrontation resulted in Joseph knocking Ratherbee with his elbow to the ground.
Two weeks and five days later, Charles died. Of course people thought Joseph was the murderer. But the doctor investigating the matter said something else: Charles died of lung disease and it was caused by the trumpet he played during his career.

6. Marianne Kirchgessner, nervous breakdown due to the harmonica glass

The glass harmonica is an instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin. This instrument was researched by scientists and said to be dangerous, because the sound is too stimulating to the brain that it can cause dizziness and hallucinations to those who hear it.
No one knew that the instrument was also capable of killing. Like what happened to Marianne Kirchgessner, a glass harmonica player in 1808. People suspect that her death came as a result of nervous disorders caused by playing the glass harmonica.

7. In many cases, beaten to death using a guitar

Not one, two people who died because they were beaten with guitars. In March 2020 yesterday, it was reported that a four year old child in America died because his father beat him using a guitar. The same thing happened in 2014 when someone in Ireland was beaten up by several people using their own electric guitar.
Mystery of UFO Sightings

Mystery of UFO Sightings

Mystery of UFO Sightings – The mystery of the appearance of ufo is one of the most highly believed mysteries, the appearance of this ufo often appears in the sky of the world and is very trusted by the world community.

Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is a term used when there is a phenomenon of flying objects that cannot be explained by observers or scientists. Many people associate that UFO with extraterrestrials or aliens.
I was so curious that some countries even made special missions to investigate these foreign objects. So far, there have been many UFO sighting phenomena that have occurred in various countries.

1. Mysterious light in the Phoenix area in 1997

In March 1997, the people of the Phoenix area in the United States were shocked by the appearance of several lights at night, eyewitnesses named Mitch Stanley believed that the object was a small plane flying very high.
This incident was not only witnessed by a few people, but thousands of people saw this phenomenon. Regarding this, several scientists revealed there was a possibility that the light came from the Maryland Air National Guard who was doing an exercise and lit a beacon.

2. UFO sightings around the USS Nimitz in 2004

In November 2004, the USS Nimitz, belonging to the United States, noticed an alien object appeared on their radar. The US Navy then deployed fighter jets to take a closer look at the foreign object. The apparition was immortalized via video and was uploaded to YouTube.
There is also a recorded radio signal indicating the event. There are two mysterious people who say that the superior of the officers there ordered to hand over the data records and delete them on the ship.

3.UFO in Tehran, Iran in 1976

In 1976, two Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom II aircraft claimed there were UFOs flying over Tehran, Iran. Surprisingly, the two planes malfunctioned while trying to get close to the foreign object. Some civilians also saw the object but thought that it was a type of meteor.
The aircraft tried to give a warning by firing missiles. Uniquely, the aircraft’s weapons did not function suddenly, then the plane lost its balance.

4.Portrait of UFOs in England in 1990

In 1990, two climbers in England saw a very fast foreign object flying. The two climbers managed to photograph the foreign object. Uniquely, the local Ministry of Defense will not release the original photo provided by the journalist until 2072. So far, it is not certain what object had shocked the British public.

5. UFOs in Hawaii by the end of 2020

At the end of 2020, the Hawaiian people were shocked by the appearance of the UFO phenomenon in the sky of Oahu, Hawaii, United States. This foreign object appeared at night on December 29, 2020 and was witnessed by many local residents there.
A resident called this incident to the local police, then the police forwarded it to the Federal Aviation Administration. The local community had seen the object fly for a long time before finally plunging into the sea.