Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World

Mysteries in the Animal World – In this world there are many types of animals that live. There are many species that we don’t know about. In the world of fauna, it is not uncommon for mysterious things to happen. Here are some unique and mysterious things in the fauna world that have been completed

1. The mystery of howling in dogs

In wolves, howling serves as a form of communication to other groups of wolves. They will provide information related to circumstances, prey, group conditions, and so on to other groups of wolves whose positions are far apart. However, why do dogs also howl? Is it true that dogs communicate by howling?

This does not necessarily prove that wolves are the ancestors of dogs. On the other hand, recent studies and research have proven that wolves are not the ancestors of dogs. Their evolutionary paths separated hundreds of thousands of years ago and they (the canidae group) are predicted to have a common ancestor.

2. Why do cats hiss?

In ancient times, people may have believed that the hissing of cats was related to the supernatural. However, scientists and zoologists have found a scientific answer to cat hissing. Both domestic cats and forest cats can indeed hiss at certain moments. So, why did they do it?

Paw Tracks on its website explains that based on studies and research conducted by scientists and animal experts, cats hissing as a sign of many things. Hissing is an innate behavior or instinct passed down from cat ancestors, including lions, tigers, bobcats, to domestic cats.

The reason they hiss generally leads to a warning to cats or other animals in the vicinity. Hissing can also indicate that the cat is in pain and fear. In the usual case, a female mother cat will hiss at anyone who approaches her kittens.

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3. Elephant with empathy

Elephants are animals with a very high level of empathy. In fact, in many cases, they can be very sad if a member of their group dies. It took scientists a long time to understand feelings in elephants. The reason is, so far animals may only be considered as organisms that have difficulty feeling empathy.

Reported in World Animal Protection, elephants are one of the species on Earth that can feel empathy, sadness, joy, and other feelings that are difficult to describe. This proves that feelings and emotions in elephants are very complex, complicated, and alive. Social animals do have a higher sense of empathy, wolves are also one of them.

Their attachment to their social group will form an emotional bond as part of the evolution of organismal behavior. If they had not developed these traits, natural selection would have easily eliminated their populations in the wild.