Zombie Cases That Happened in The Real World

Zombie Cases That Happened in The Real World – If we hear the word zombie, it seems that it can only happen in fiction and movies. Zombies themselves are often recognized as corpses that can come back to life. Worse they are usually depicted to attack humans. Although strange and unreasonable, it turns out that there have been four zombie cases that have appeared in the real world. Even so, it’s not real zombies that actually appear, but human behavior like zombies.

Here we will discuss four cases of humans acting like zombies.

1. This man bit the passenger on the plane

A Brazilian man bit a passenger on the Aer Lingus Airlines route from Lisbon (Portugal) to Dublin (Ireland). The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Cork Airport, Ireland.

At that time, the victim was trying to calm the aggressive perpetrator, but he was also the victim of the bite. The perpetrator also fought back when the flight crew froze him. Before further investigation on the ground, the unnamed man had died. “The situation was very dire. I heard someone screaming because they were bitten, then a group of people lunged backwards, catching the perpetrator in the tail of the plane,” said John Leonard, one of the eyewitnesses. “The perpetrator made strange noises that I had never heard before,” Leonard added.

2. Man bites police and dog at wedding

A 22-year-old man suddenly bit an officer and police dog at a wedding in Santa Barbara, United States. The man started to bite when he was about to be arrested. “When two officers arrived, one of them had a raw gunshot wound to his face, and the other had a bite to his shoulder. Not only that, the police dog also got this man’s bite on his leg,” said Sergeant Riley Harwood.

After being investigated, this man turned out to be under the influence of drugs. Even when he was handcuffed, he was still aggressive and wanted to attack other officers. This man was eventually arrested and caused by ‘zombies’. The two injured officers were taken to hospital.

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3. Drug users become zombies

The illegal drug Flakka was once famous in Indonesia. Anyone who consumes this drug, then his behavior will be similar to zombies. Some videos of Flakka users behaving like zombies, they roar, rage, and their actions seem out of control.

According to Budi Waseso, who at that time served as Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), there were several effects of using these drugs, such as being able to make people feel like crazy, and like people in a trance.

The world community first made a scene in mid-September 2016. At that time, a man in South Florida was arrested by the police after breaking a storm retaining door. The man did not realize that he had done this. After being investigated, the perpetrator revealed that he was under the influence of flakka.

4. Believe in zombies

US journalist William Seabrook had heard of a shaman in Haiti who had a special potion to make people near death. The story begins in October 1930. A number of villagers were beyond shocked and ran in fear when they saw a naked woman appear in the middle of the village. His eyes were empty, his voice hoarse and heavy.

The woman’s name is Felicia Felix-Mentor. He had died in 1907. Then a few years later he rose from the grave and made the people heel. The cause is a shaman in Haiti who is believed to have a special potion to make people near death. The shaman woke the corpse but was in a dazed state. “They created zombie minions or slaves,” Seabrook wrote. “Usually this is for evil deeds, but often also to help with work in the fields or plantations.”

One night Seabrook was taken to a sugar plantation to see three zombies at work. “They move like stiff people (like robots). Their eyes are terrible. I never imagined anything like that,” wrote Seabrook. “Their eyes are like the eyes of the dead, not blind, but wide open.”…

History's Greatest Unsolved Mystery

History’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery

History’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery –¬†always attracts attention. History always has its own charm to dig deeper. This is because history often has a relationship with the development of the world today. Not a few of the world history is still a mystery.

History that is still a mystery, of course, often raises question marks and curiosity. Even so, not a few also consider a history that is still a mystery to be true. Experts of course still delve further into world history, which often raises question marks.

One of the mysteries in history that until now often raises questions is related to the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is certainly no stranger. Everything that happens in the Bermuda Triangle often raises questions. However, it seems that the history related to the Bermuda Triangle is still being studied.

Apart from the Bermuda Triangle, there are several other unsolved mysteries. The world is always full of puzzles. The remains of ancient civilizations often raise questions regarding their origins.

1. The Lost City of Atlantis

One of the unsolved mysteries in history is the city of Atlantis which is said to have been lost. Atlantis is a technologically advanced civilization that is so materialistic and military-oriented that one day it ceases to exist, this is because the city of Atlantis is said to have been eaten by the ocean.

Modern researchers are making a more accurate translation of Plato’s work that placed ancient Atlantis in the Mediterranean sea around 9600 BC. According to experts, there is the Cyclades Plateau, an island of enormous size. However, this still raises a question mark and it is not known whether it is true.

2. Bermuda Triangle

Things related to the Bermuda Triangle are certainly familiar. Everything that happens in the Bermuda Triangle often raises questions. Many people say that many ships or something that crosses the Bermuda Triangle are then lost.

The famous Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean has carried 50 ships and more than 20 aircraft to its mysterious depths. Nobody knows where they went and what happened to the people inside.

There are many theories explaining why ships crossing the Bermuda Triangle go missing, from UFOs to giant rogue waves and even gaps in reality that suck ships into parallel universes. Some ships return from time to time, but without crew or passengers.

3. Geoglyphs of Nazca

The next mystery in history that remains unsolved is the Nazca. These Nazca Lines are ancient drawings that are enormous in size. When viewed from above, the Nazca Lines are a neat image and not a haphazard image.

An image that emerges during this ancient civilization certainly raises questions. Until now, it is not known what purpose the Nazca Lines were drawn for.

4. Sphinx

Of course, many people already know this myth about the Sphinx. The Sphinx itself is a mythical creature with the body of a human-headed lion in Egyptian mythology. The Sphinx is also known in Greek mythology as a creature that poses a riddle.

The Sphinx of Giza is the largest structure in ancient times that still captivates the minds of historians. The Sphinx was created around 5,000 BC. The pyramids around the Sphinx are often confused. The Sphinx represents the position of the constellation Leo with the Milky Way and Orion as it would be observed during the Leo Age. This has raised questions about the origin of the Sphinx.

Recent research has shown that there is a hidden chamber beneath the Sphinx’s feet. Another question is whether the Sphinx was built by the Egyptians or was there another civilization that was more advanced.

5. The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is the next unsolved mystery. Christianity has several legends of its own, one of which is about the myth of the Holy Grail. It is believed that this Holy Grail was the chalice from the Last Supper. In addition, this Holy Grail is also the vessel that carries the blood of Christ from the crucifixion, making it one of the holiest items ever.

Many believe the Knights Templar took it from Jerusalem during the Crusades and brought it to Europe. Many trophies have claimed the name of the Holy Grail, but until now this is still a mystery and often raises questions.…