Zombie Cases That Happened in The Real World

Zombie Cases That Happened in The Real World – If we hear the word zombie, it seems that it can only happen in fiction and movies. Zombies themselves are often recognized as corpses that can come back to life. Worse they are usually depicted to attack humans. Although strange and unreasonable, it turns out that there have been four zombie cases that have appeared in the real world. Even so, it’s not real zombies that actually appear, but human behavior like zombies.

Here we will discuss four cases of humans acting like zombies.

1. This man bit the passenger on the plane

A Brazilian man bit a passenger on the Aer Lingus Airlines route from Lisbon (Portugal) to Dublin (Ireland). The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Cork Airport, Ireland.

At that time, the victim was trying to calm the aggressive perpetrator, but he was also the victim of the bite. The perpetrator also fought back when the flight crew froze him. Before further investigation on the ground, the unnamed man had died. “The situation was very dire. I heard someone screaming because they were bitten, then a group of people lunged backwards, catching the perpetrator in the tail of the plane,” said John Leonard, one of the eyewitnesses. “The perpetrator made strange noises that I had never heard before,” Leonard added.

2. Man bites police and dog at wedding

A 22-year-old man suddenly bit an officer and police dog at a wedding in Santa Barbara, United States. The man started to bite when he was about to be arrested. “When two officers arrived, one of them had a raw gunshot wound to his face, and the other had a bite to his shoulder. Not only that, the police dog also got this man’s bite on his leg,” said Sergeant Riley Harwood.

After being investigated, this man turned out to be under the influence of drugs. Even when he was handcuffed, he was still aggressive and wanted to attack other officers. This man was eventually arrested and caused by ‘zombies’. The two injured officers were taken to hospital.

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3. Drug users become zombies

The illegal drug Flakka was once famous in Indonesia. Anyone who consumes this drug, then his behavior will be similar to zombies. Some videos of Flakka users behaving like zombies, they roar, rage, and their actions seem out of control.

According to Budi Waseso, who at that time served as Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), there were several effects of using these drugs, such as being able to make people feel like crazy, and like people in a trance.

The world community first made a scene in mid-September 2016. At that time, a man in South Florida was arrested by the police after breaking a storm retaining door. The man did not realize that he had done this. After being investigated, the perpetrator revealed that he was under the influence of flakka.

4. Believe in zombies

US journalist William Seabrook had heard of a shaman in Haiti who had a special potion to make people near death. The story begins in October 1930. A number of villagers were beyond shocked and ran in fear when they saw a naked woman appear in the middle of the village. His eyes were empty, his voice hoarse and heavy.

The woman’s name is Felicia Felix-Mentor. He had died in 1907. Then a few years later he rose from the grave and made the people heel. The cause is a shaman in Haiti who is believed to have a special potion to make people near death. The shaman woke the corpse but was in a dazed state. “They created zombie minions or slaves,” Seabrook wrote. “Usually this is for evil deeds, but often also to help with work in the fields or plantations.”

One night Seabrook was taken to a sugar plantation to see three zombies at work. “They move like stiff people (like robots). Their eyes are terrible. I never imagined anything like that,” wrote Seabrook. “Their eyes are like the eyes of the dead, not blind, but wide open.”…


This is the Horror Tourist Place in Indonesia

This is the Horror Tourist Place in Indonesia – As we all know, the State of Indonesia has a variety of stunning tourist destinations, ranging from beaches, mountains, historical sites, culinary centers to anti-mainstream ones. There are also horror attractions that offer mystical or haunted things. This tour is now favored by people who want to compete.

The following are the scariest tourist attractions in Indonesia:

1. Lawang Sewu

It is a historical place of ancestral heritage in the Dutch colonial era. This place often leaves spooky things that often happen to every visitor who comes. Lawang Sewu in Semarang City is the 2nd most haunted place in Asia. The age of the building reaches 115 years. However, this 1000 door building still stands firm and neat. But this place holds many mysteries. Once someone saw a Dutch noni with a pale face and bloodied walking back and forth in a room without touching the floor.

Often at night this place also has strange sounds such as people crying, screaming in fear and screaming. According to local residents, the voice is the voice of the Dutch soldiers who were tortured by the Japanese soldiers in the past.

2. Room 308 Pelabuhan Ratu

The second scariest tourist spot is the mystery of Nyai Roro Kidul’s room 308 which is located at the Samudera Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java. Nyai Roro Kidul is a mystical figure who is believed to be the guardian of the southern coast. In the room there is a bed, jewelry and paintings plastered large on the walls of this all-green room. The Javanese also strongly believe and prohibit people from visiting the beach in green clothes. It is said that Nyai Roro Kidul will be angry and for people who visit the south coast dressed in green, they will receive a very scary supernatural event.

3. Mount Kawi

Mount Kawi as high as 2551 meters above sea level has become a tourist spot for people who want to look for persugihan. According to the myth circulating in Gunung Kawi, there is a Jin and Konan headquarters, many residents and tourists visit to ask for wealth. For people whose wishes come true, they must give offerings in the form of human sacrifices that are still related by blood. If you don’t give a sacrifice, then that person will be disturbed by the guardians of the spirits on the mountain.

4. The Crying Gorge of Baluran National Park Banyuwangi

This place besides having beautiful views like being in an African country, it turns out that this place is also scary. This place at night often occurs mystical sounds such as the cry of women whose source comes from the abyss which has a depth of 18 meters. Very few people dare to cross this abyss.

5. Ghost Palace Hotel Bali

Bali does have beautiful and interesting tourist attractions to visit. However, Bali also has a mystical story that is quite famous, one of which is this place. This hotel is often referred to as the haunted palace of the Pi hotel, Bedugul, Bali.

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This magnificent building has not been in operation for a long time. According to the myth in the community that there used to be a hotel employee who ended his life at the hotel in an unnatural way. Then the ghost of the hotel guard is said to be the hotel employee who continues to haunt until now.

6. Trunyan Village Skull Tour

This place is still in Bali, precisely on the east side, Lake Batur, Bangli Regency, Bali. This is a burial place that is used as a tourist spot. In this village, the bodies of the dead are not buried, but are simply placed in a cross section of wood. But the cemetery did not stink. The local community said it was because there was a large tree called the tarumenyan tree that absorbed the smell of the corpse.

7. Octopus on the Roof

It is located in a luxury residential area of ​​Sukajadi, Bandung. This place used to be used as a place of devil worship and heretical rituals. The house looks mysterious. So mysterious until now no one knows the owner of this house.

8. Fort Rotterdam

This place is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This fort was built in 1545 and is still strong today. This historic building holds many mysteries. The myth is that the figure of Sumiyati who is the guardian figure who is not happy with male visitors wearing red clothes.

9. Alien Cave in Papua

It is located in the Wamena valley area, Papua as the area there is Kontilola Cave. This cave contains mystical paintings found in the tempok of this cave. The painting is in the form of a bald person’s head resembling an alien. Many believe that this cave is the residence of stray aliens.

10. Danu Begu Ganjang on Lake Toba

This lake is a myth that tells of a giant goldfish. Then suddenly the myth became widely discussed after the sinking of the KM Sinar Bangun ship in 2018. The people of Samosir believe that the cause of the sinking was due to an angry giant goldfish.

Another mystical story there is also bagu ganjang, a supernatural figure who kills life around the lake. According to local residents if people see his figure then it is a sign that his life will not be long.…

Learn Beginner Tips for Playing Online Slots

Learn Beginner Tips for Playing Online Slots

Learn Beginner Tips for Playing Online Slots – Being a novice player of course makes you have to pay attention and learn a few things to start playing online slot gambling.
Don’t limit the game, it can have great potential. first machine tool. The essence of the game is a game, usually a game played in a casino. This is the kind of game where it is very easy to trust your luck. In order to buy the odds, the player must read the instructions on how to play the looga game machine online.
Learn Beginner Tips for Playing Online Slots

1. Learn the vending machine design

Players with new players must understand the power and key word. As mentioned above, the machine is easy to use or the simplest. just a few clicks on the positioning engine for the vertical line engine. New players can try the same equipment without investing real money to practice

2. See lock device design

Although in my opinion there are many groups of gambling sites in many gambling sites. Choose the type of slot machine from your favorite online game link. It also covers the basics of how to play joker123 slot machines beforehand along with courses. All game machines listed with straight line play usually have 3 functions and another 5 functions. To describe the game machine, there is no summary of where you want to win the club machine. Almost all game engines need to activate RNG mode and generate numbers. It works by moving the scales. Therefore, it is impossible to know who will appear in the future, photos or images. Also, bettors and players cannot cheat in the game. because no one can predict the technical breakdown of the machine. That’s why the game depends on the luck of the participants. In addition, players must be proficient or clear enough to judge the rotation of the tooling system every second. If you know the type of professional equipment, you need to know exactly what the features of each club machine are or whether you want to be successful.

3. keep limit low

Investing in the wrong games will prevent you from losing too much in the first game. Cabinets are not easy to assemble because they are very effective. You must first explain the negative consequences. This method really works for errors, at least if you try harder.
A popular strategy that led to great success. If the start is successfully passed, the player can level up below the pool.

4. Conditions and limits of competition

The most important currency for online slot machines is hockey. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to blow back when they fail frequently. Again, because you need to read the locking device surgical strategy. Learn to play in action the same way gradually. It should also help the player win the game.

5. Set success goals

You have to do this so that new players get progressive results. You are always alert every time you play on the playground. Time is running out and the goal of completing a task is to complete it the next day or even online. Then drop the money. Then state the game to beat. For example, players suspect that losing profits leads to self-confidence. Let me leave the biggest risk.

6. Join or survive while playing

For starters, focus on concentration or be patient for a moment. This system can also be the key to success. Be patient and don’t be overwhelmed. A lot of emotions can make a bad and successful actor. Soft shine. You don’t need to watch while playing. Don’t just look at the players and you will fight, in this live match the discussion will be difficult.
Choosing the Best Online Slot Gambling Options

Choosing the Best Online Slot Gambling Options

Choosing the Best Online Slot Gambling Options – In playing online slot gambling, you must first choose the game options that you will play.

If you are a new comer to playing slots online you may invariably realize there are several casinos to pick from along with a range of games to try out. Before spending your salary why not enjoy playing online with free streaming slots using the possiblity to live22 indojaya win money. Many online casinos offer free play which can become real chips. If you are not happy with all the slot games that you are playing simply move onto a new one.
Choosing the Best Online Slot Gambling Options
I.G.T. first takes a begin in Australia’s gambling market through the 1980s. It was certainly not essentially the most experienced name on the market, but quickly established itself as a reputable name within the gambling industry. Its S-Slot was obviously a revolutionary device, utilizing a microprocessor to power the game’s reels. During this time, I.G.T. also developed the world’s first progressive jackpot machine using a starting pot of $1 million. This was made possible by its wide-area jackpot network, linking machines across several casinos. This system was one of the primary of its kind.
There are a number of reliable sources for gaining details about online slots games. Most online casino websites themselves offer free guides to online slot games. Go through these guidebooks and you’ll know tricks about how precisely to govern slot machines to ensure you hit the jackpot more often. But you may have to subscribe first one which just grab any one this info. Another reliable source is gambling blogs and public forums. Gambling enthusiasts share and gives valuable insights about slot games on such online platforms.
Free online slots simulate the genuine slot machines present ion casinos and clubs, which provide the user a reasonable concept of its working. The online slot gaming is often a better idea because playing for the money will get addictive, and also the game loses its fun. Online gaming satisfies the need to play the slot games, and yes it won’t cost anything, therefore the player can go on playing for however longer timeframe.
Be sure to set reasonable goals. Supposing you’re ready to risk $200 in your favorite slot or video poker game. It would be wishful thinking to hope to make $200 into $10,000, but you may have a practical chance to turn $200 into $250, this is a 25% gain in a really limited time. Where else can you get 25% on the money finally, enjoy yourself performing it? But you must quit when this goal is achieved. On another hand, if you’re going to make your $200 stake are three hours, play a 25-cent or perhaps a 5-cent machine. Stop at the end in the pre-set time frame, no matter if you’re ahead or behind.
Making Strategy the Key to Winning Sportsbook Betting

Making Strategy the Key to Winning Sportsbook Betting

Making Strategy the Key to Winning Sportsbook Betting – The use of strategy in playing online sportsbook betting games is one of the steps you can take and use to win.

Everyone wants to know a good sports betting strategy so that they too can win big when they place their bets. However, the reality is that if you want to win, you have to do your homework and not just rely on what is left to you. The key to getting things right is to work hard and find a system that works for you.

Making Strategy the Key to Winning Sportsbook Betting

Before adopting an established sbobetasia sports betting strategy, you can do a few things yourself. Decide on the game you like to place your bet on. This could be almost any game in existence and not necessarily something you know. However, it is preferable if you know the rules before you go and place your money.

Next, learn about the different types of bets you can place in the game. Each game has various bets that have different payout rates. You can choose the one that suits you best in terms of investment and return. Remember, it’s all about the numbers and not about the rules of the game. If the numbers say that you have a better chance at something, then it makes sense to follow them and bet accordingly.

The next part of sports betting strategy is about knowing how much you are going to risk. This is important and will determine whether you are an addict or a savvy businessman. Placing the right amount will ensure you get a stable return. No matter how tempting it is to increase your bet amount, you better avoid it because it can be disastrous if you lose that bet. Just imagine winning continuously in a row and losing in one bet. It has the potential to be something that can cause physical and mental trauma for you.

Finally, understand the opportunities on offer and make them work for you. This is perhaps the most important part of a sports betting strategy. You need to make sure that your bet matches the odds on offer if you want to make a successful bet. The money line or point spread that is followed in the game gives a good idea of ​​how the game will proceed and helps you understand the outcome of the game.…